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prose 1.jpgBy H. Michael Steinberg Colorado Criminal Defense Lawyer

While it may not make good common sense to flip off a police officer or use profanity when he or she is deciding whether to cite you with a traffic offense or to arrest you for a crime that is – well “arrestable” or not depending on the officer’s discretion — it is clear in Colorado that the US and Colorado versions of the First Amendment’s protection for free speech are alive and well.

Two recent Colorado cases have resulted in dismissals and large monetary awards after police officers made arrests in response to being fliped off or being sworn at by Colorado citizens.

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By Colorado Sex Crimes Defense Lawyer – Attorney – H. Michael Steinberg

A recent case in New York City – clearly points out what can go wrong in a felony sex crime prosecution.

Darrell Dula – 26 – was one of four men – charged in a NY sexual assault case. His case was dismissed after an over zealous prosecutor was found to have violated New York’s criminal procedural laws involving basic fairness.