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El Paso County Has An Answer To The Colorado Domestic Violence Gun Ban – The PPIR Process – The Pre-Plea Investigation Referral

By H. Michael Steinberg Colorado Criminal Defense Lawyer for Domestic Violence Cases.

As A result of some 38 plus years of both prosecuting and defending Colorado domestic violence cases – I am more convinced than ever – that they are unfair and inequitable.

Most unfair of these laws is the loss of the right to bear arms under the Lautenberg and Brady Bills, As a result of sometimes minor if not ridiculous domestic violence arrests – if the matter is not completely dismissed and in some cases – expunged – police and military officers lose their careers.

I have fought hard to turn this around for these brave men and women.

One county – El Paso County ( Colorado Springs ) has taken the most compassionate and reasonable approach to this untenable situation. They are to be commended and the other judicial districts should follow suit.

The program is called the PPIR Program – or the Pre-Plea Investigation Referral Program

This is how it works:

Pre-Plea Investigation Referral.

If a first offense of domestic violence without injury is charged, prosecutors may offer to the defendant the option of a PPIR (Pre-Plea Investigation Referral). This assessment is then reviewed by prosecutors in determining the disposition to be offered in plea negotiations, including the determination of whether or not to prosecute the case. In the best cases – the matter is dismissed.

The Pre-plea Investigation Referral Agency

2860 South Circle Drive Suite 115 Colorado Springs, CO 80906-4139 Phone: 634-1240 Fax: (719) 540-0174

Vicki Gorder, Brooke R. Kyzer, Virginia B. Lee Joyce Randall, MA – director Lolita Kelley-Bast – administrative assistant
Cost: $200 – $300 – Uses a sliding scale based upon income
Required Documentation is as follows:

Fromr the DA;s Office: PPIR DA Office discovery “packet” – police report – offense report

The Procedure Consists of 2 Appointments:

The First Appointment: approximately 2 hours – complete questionnaire & testing.

The Second Appointment: approximately 1 hour – interview with the evaluator.

H. Michael’s Take:

In this age of political correctness – – the DA in Colorado Springs should be commended for this intelligent, sensible and compassionate approach to the Domestic Violence Insanity gripping our nation.

For an excellent article on this program follow this link to Mr. Dahl Fisher’s blog – he is a very experienced criminal defense lawyer in Colorado Springs:

“PPIR” and Domestic Violence Cases in Colorado Springs