H. Michael Steinberg has over 32 years experience practicing Colorado criminal law. Mr. Steinberg strives to stay current with the ever changing aspects of criminal law issues and updates resulting in his extensive knowledge of successful criminal defense as well as appellate work. He is also an active member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar Association, the Colorado Trial Lawyer's Association, and the Colorado and Arapahoe Bar Associations.

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Surviving The Colorado Juvenile Court System - Some Tips For Parents By A Juvenile Court Lawyer.jpgBy H. Michael Steinberg – Colorado Juvenile Crimes Criminal Defense Lawyer

Understanding And Surviving The Colorado Juvenile Court System – Some Tips For Parents – The most critical component of success in the Colorado Juvenile Court System is the involvement of parents and family. What families find when they arrive in juvenile court is often chaos and what results in a very negative experience. That experience can be changed by understanding a few important concepts.

Every family knows that the success or failure of a member of that family can turn on the emotional, social, cultural, and financial support of the family. No one knows their children better than a parent. A parent is in the best position to give insight into the juvenile’s behaviors, past experiences and personal needs.

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By H. Michael Steinberg Colorado Juvenile Crimes Criminal Defense Lawyer

Colorado Juvenile Court System – The Defense Of A Child Means Listening

After more than 30 years in the Criminal Courts of Colorado I have learned a great deal about my youngest clients – juveniles charged with adult crimes.

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After Your Child Is Arrested in Colorado - Juvenile Criminal Screening And The Detention Hearing - 1.jpg
By H. Michael Steinberg Colorado Juvenile Criminal Defense Lawyer

This article addresses Colorado Criminal Juvenile Criminal Case Defense – Tips On How To Be Your Child’s Advocate

Because Colorado juvenile criminal cases are different than adult cases, there are far fewer criminal defense lawyers involved especially at the investigative and filing of charges stages.

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While state legislators in Colorado may change this law sometime in the future – the present state of the law does not permit the expungement of juvenile sex crime record if the juvenile has been adjudicated (convicted) of a Colorado sex crime – even a misdemeanor.

When making the decision to go to trial or accept an alternative plea agreement – juveniles and their parents must be made aware of the inability to hide or to expunge or to otherwise keep this conviction from the possibility of a background check uncovering the conviction.

The impact of a sex crime on a juvenile’s future employment cannot be overstated. This adjudication can cause problems in future education, employment – even renting property. With the thoroughness of the comprehensive background checks now being performed – these crimes can be located much more easily.

The requirement of registration as a sex offender must also be considered – however – here this requirement can be removed after probation has been completed – not so if there is an adjudication.
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A very important bill that deserves our support – is now in the Colorado state legislature. The Bill mandates that Juveniles who have been charged as adults have a right to a hearing to determine whether they will be housed with other Juveniles in the juvenile detention center or in the adult jail facility.

Here is the BIll

HB 12-1139: Juveniles Charged as Adults Should be Detained in Juvenile Facilities

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A recent article in the Denver Post finally addresses the most recent attempts by Colorado Schools – hopefully to be followed by the Colorado State legislature – to reverse years of Zero-Tolerance policies in Colorado’s Public Schools and in the Courts.

Last year in December – another excellent article in the Denver Post quoted a Magistrate Kent Spangler, a Fort Collins Judge, who had this to say:

“Kids won’t gain a respect for the law, for their parents, for teachers, for rules in general if they’re told ‘You’re wrong! You messed up!’ and don’t take the time to get at the root of the problem,”

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Colorado Juvenile Sex Crimes – The Newest Wrinkle in the Area of “Sexting” – “Sextortion”

Colorado District Attorney for the 18th Judicial District (Jefferson County) addresses the new crime of Sextortion.

Sextortion is an Enhancement of a raging phenomenon in Colorado known as Sexting – Sexting is sending sexually explicit photos and video of themselves over the Internet.

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In a recent press release on the 1st Judicial District Website in Colorado – Scott Storey – the elected DA – approaches the increasing problem of Sexting with a reasoned eye – recognizing that which most experts in the field understand – it is a matter of “growing up” and “coming of age” .. that leads to an understanding of the proper boundaries between the genders. It is not a sex offender crime in most cases.

In the following reprinted web page – DA Storey explains his reasoning.

He is to be commended for his common sense and not knee jerk response – as is often the case in this area.

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GALVESTON, TX (KTRK) — A young man sentenced to life in prison when he was just 15 years old may now be getting a second chance.

After spending four years behind bars for capital murder, a now 19-year-old man could be getting a new trial thanks to a ruling from the court of appeals.

The news of this decision comes just five weeks after the lawyers argued the case. The appeal means rather than sit behind bars until he dies Litray Turner is getting a second chance.