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Newly Discovered Evidence After a Plea - Colorado Rule 35(c) Motion
By H. Michael Steinberg Colorado Criminal Defense Lawyer

Introduction – Newly Discovered Evidence: Following a Plea Bargain

One of the most troubling areas of Colorado criminal law is a situation where a Defendant, who is completely innocent or who may have a defense to a criminal charge, agrees to take a plea bargain because of a fear of a bad result at trial.

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Colorado Parole Reocations.jpgby Colorado Sex Crimes Criminal Defense Lawyer – H. Michael Steinberg

In the case directly addressing Parole Revocations for Colorado Sex Offenders – the Colorado Court of Appeals distinguished once again sex offender cases from all other parole revocation cases.

On August 1, 2013 – in the case of People v. Back – Jason Back appealed the denial of his Colorado Criminal Rule of Procedure 35 C motion which he filed to challenge the Colorado parole board’s decision to revoke his parole and send him back to prison for the rest of his life.