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By H. Michael Steinberg Colorado Drug Crimes Criminal Defense Lawyer – Attorney

Helping Colorado Judges Understand The Opioid Crisis - How Defendants Get HookedThere are many reasons why people are charged with drug crimes in Colorado. The most recent epidemic of heroin possession cases can, in large part, be tied to the opioid crisis. Understanding how many those accused of the illegal possession of serious controlled substances such as heroin come to use and possess this drug is critical to defending these cases in Colorado criminal courts.

First – How Opioids Affect The Body

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NEW DRUG LAW CHART.jpgA new Colorado drug crime sentencing bill SB – 13-250 – has resulted in massive and POSITIVE changes to Colorado’s Uniform Controlled Substances Act. The new law creates too many changes to include in this short blog.

If you wish a thorough analysis of the law – please follow this LINK to my Colorado Drug Crimes Website – for a more complete look at the law.

In A Nutshell – here is what the law does: