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By H. Michael Steinberg – Colorado Domestic Violence Crimes Criminal Defense Lawyer – Attorney

Colorado Criminal Law - When The Victim Lures You Into Violating A Colorado Restraining - Protection OrderColorado Criminal Law – When The “Victim” Lures You Into Violating A Colorado Restraining – Protection Order – Mandatory restraining orders in Colorado criminal cases, are not “reciprocal.” They are enforced, especially in domestic violence cases, in unjust and unfair ways. This article looks at policy issues regarding the enforcement of these “protective orders.”

Colorado laws regarding the protection of “victims” of domestic violence have evolved in the past few decades. While the intention is of these laws is to unquestionably provide protection to the victims of abuse, these laws include policies such as mandatory arrests, so called “no drop” rules, and no contact orders, that have impacts never intended by the state legislators who have marshalled these policies into law.