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2013 New Law – Colorado Expands The Opportunity To Seal – Expunge Muncipal Convictions – Domestic Violence – Theft ..

In 2013 – The Colorado State legislature enacted a long awaited law that has the potential to change the lives of tens of thousands of citizens around the country.

The new law – expands Colorado’s present expungement – record sealing laws, to now allow petty offenses and municipal ordinance violations to be sealed after three years have run since last contact with the criminal justice system and with a clean record since that time
Here is a LINK to this very complex new law – SB 123 –

This new law does much more than permit Colorado citizens to now seal these minor convictions – it also provides judges with the authority to lessen the “collateral consequences” of criminal convictions on people who have made only one mistake in their lives.

Examples of “collateral consequences” that result from even minor convictions include the loss of professional and occupational licenses, restrictions on public housing, ineligibility for public benefit programs, loss of voting rights, restrictions as to firearms, the inability to adopt children or become a foster parent, and much more.

This law – in addition to permitting the sealing of petty offenses and municipal or city court violations – allows judges to waive housing or occupational licensing sanctions when sentencing someone to probation, so they can keep their home or their job.

Sealing Municipal Court Convictions – City Convictions Such As Denver, Aurora, Westminster And All Other Colorado Cities will now be sealable after three years have run

I am writing a complete analysis of the new law and will update this account over the coming months…

The Governor signed the law on May 24, 2013 – but it is not effective until October of 2013 and only for crimes occurring after that date.

Great thanks needs to be extended to the primary sponsors of the bill – Pat Steadman … H