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Colorado Juvenile Sex Crimes – The Newest Wrinkle in the Area of “Sexting” – “Sextortion”

Colorado Juvenile Sex Crimes – The Newest Wrinkle in the Area of “Sexting” – “Sextortion”

Colorado District Attorney for the 18th Judicial District (Jefferson County) addresses the new crime of Sextortion.

Sextortion is an Enhancement of a raging phenomenon in Colorado known as Sexting – Sexting is sending sexually explicit photos and video of themselves over the Internet.

Here is the Jefferson County ( Scott Storey’s) District Attorney’s read on Sextortion
“The latest in Internet and Cell Phone danger for teens.

Many teenagers take sexually explicit or even nude pictures of themselves and send them to others either online or through text messaging. This is called “Sexting”. Sexting occurs more frequently than parents can imagine. These photos become “Sextortion” when they are used as a tool of exploitation or extortion.

Recently, a Colorado teenage girl made the mistake of sending her naked picture to a 20-year-old man in California. This teenage girl thought this young man liked her and she had feelings for him. She accepted him as a friend on Facebook site. After receiving the teenage girl’s naked picture, the man threatened her, telling her that if she didn’t send him $1,500 dollars or send him more naked pictures of herself, he would send her naked picture to all her friends on Facebook.

The teenage girl was faced with the possibility of her naked picture being distributed to all her friends and felt pressured to comply. The teenager finally told her mother, who then alerted law enforcement. This 20-year-old man was identified and prosecuted. He was sentenced to prison.

These “Sextortion” cases are very concerning to law enforcement as frightened victims might give in to demands such as posing for explicit photos, having sex with the perpetrator or sending them money.”

H. Michael’s Take
These cases will be prosecuted by the DA’s in Colorado because of the immense impact on a teenager’s life if these photographs are used to stalk and or extort teenagers. – The rub – let your kids know these kind of crimes – Sexting or – especially Sextortion – will be prosecuted.