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UK Crosses The Line In Escalating The Crimes of Domestic Violence — Colorado Not There Yet

Criticizing partner, denying them money and shouting is domestic abuse, in UK court

BRITAIN’S Supreme Court has ruled that shouting constitutes as domestic violence and anyone who raises their voice at their partner could be thrown out of their home, the Daily Mail reported Thursday.

Leading a bench of five judges, Lady Brenda Hale made the ruling in the case of Mihret Yemshaw, 35, who had applied for free housing entitled to victims of domestic abuse.

Ms Yemshaw said her husband had yelled at her in front of their two children and did not give her money for housekeeping.

However, her request was rejected by officials in Hounslow, West London because her husband had never hit her or threatened physical violence.

But the new judgment means Hounslow council will be required to reconsider Ms Yemshaw’s case.

Under the landmark ruling, denying money to a partner or criticizing them could also count as abusive behavior.

H. Michael’s Take

While Colorado’s Legal Definition of Domestic Violence is very broad – it has not achieved the insanity of the ruling of this British court.

Colorado criminal defense lawyers agree that many arrests in Colorado for domestic violence are frivolous on their face.

I have defended cases where water was thrown on a spouse’s face — where the back of the husbands head was playfully scuffed – and where a spouse has broken his own personal property in an silly manner — all leading to arrests, charges, and later dismissals of the cases – but this case reaches new plateaus of absurdity.

Colorado has not reached that point in the expansion of the crimes of domestic violence.. HMS