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Domestic Violence Increases Because of the Bad Economy

Recently a Texas newspaper reflected a sruvey by the Allstate Foundation that has found nine of the ten domestic violence programs in the Dallas area reported a significant increase in demand for their services this year. It’s a trend they blame, in part, on the bad economy.

The decrease in the resources of many marriages has led – at large part – to the increase in acts of domestic violence…. It is a national trend – and it is growing here in Colorado as well.

Many domestic violence shelters report that calls for help have also increased drastically… in some cases, as much as 60-percent since last year.

“They’re very open with us and they’ll tell us its because of their finances,” said Catherine Olde of Safe Haven of Tarrant County.

Advocates say the economy has added stress on families, making abusers more violent and men and women less likely to leave the families.

Shelter services, meanwhile, are being stretched to their limits trying to meet the increased need.

Advocates are now trying to focus their efforts on prevention, while helping as many people as they can.

H. Michael’s Take

It is no surprise to Colorado criminal defense lawyers practicing Colorado domestic violence defense.. that domestic violence is on the increase. What is more significant to me is the absence of resources available to assist married and unmarried people through this stressful period.

I have seen little or no public education that is dedicated to supporting families, little in the way of church based services that are being made available, and even little internal efforts on the part of extended families to reach out and assist couples struggling with the stress of the financial downturn.

The reason? The intensely private nature of relationships and the fear of the appearance of interfering in the intimate relationships of others.

I advocate for preventative – proactive measures- not just reactive or emergency based triage type services. Battered women’s shelters should be a last resort for women who find themselves in these difficult circumstances.

My strong suggestion — reach out to your family and try a form of intervention … it may save a family from the destruction of a domestic violence charge. H. Michael. Steiberg