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The Slippery Side to Colorado Laws on Bail and Bonding

Recently a Colorado State Senator raised questions regarding the somewhat questionable nature of well entrenched Bondsman (person) practices in Colorado.

Attention has finally been brought to this issue by Channel 9 News in Denver.. they raised this question recently in an investigative report:

DENVER – The game may be over for some bail agents who have been playing the legal system to get removed from bonds so they do not have to pay the court or find fugitives,..

The chairwoman of the state senate judiciary committee plans to take a close look at the law and judicial decisions about bond exonerations’ to stop it from happening again unless it is legally warranted.

“You shouldn’t be trying to find your way out. There’s really a whole system, a function of the entire system that bail bondsmen serve, that when the motivation isn’t to honestly produce people or pay up on a bond to get people there, there’s a breakdown in the system overall,” State Senator Morgan Carroll (D-Aurora) said. She is chair of the State Senate Judiciary Committee.

H. Michael’s Take:

Bonding agents play a very valid role in our criminal justice system — but many times their very high fees exceed even the lawyer’s fees in a case and unscrupulous bondspersons will look for any technical way to “get off of a bond” and still keep the 10 to 15 % premium the client has paid the bondsman.

Other times the bondsperson will make no effort to find out why a client has failed to appear in court — such as a faikly emergency – illness — another arrest — etc.. they will find a way to obtain exoneration from the bond leaving the person out the bail premium- loss of their freedom and a permanent failure to appear entry on the ir criminal history

The best course of action? — ask a reputable Colorado Criminal Defense Lawyer to refer you to a good and reputable bondsman — there can be no referral fee or any kind of kick back for the referral — that would be illegal…